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SPRING IS TICK SEASON! Get prepared, please.

It’s Spring! Time to turn your attention to Lyme Disease prevention.   I wonder what the ticks are doing to get prepared?   Preparing for spring, and especially tick season, is a new tradition. I’ve heard too many stories of people pulling off copious amounts of ticks and not thinking twice about it. There are […]

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Borrelia uses manganese instead of iron in an essential enzyme.

Borrelia burgdorferi astounds again! Many infections that humans get use iron. One of our defenses against infections is to remove iron from active circulation. However, Borrelia has found away that! Borrelia uses Manganese (a metal) to make an essential enzyme instead of iron. That opens the door to potential ways to attack Borrelia as a […]

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Lyme editorial from the Granite State News (The Gunter)

By Dr. Steve Clark, N.D. Licensed NH Naturopathic Doctor. Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacterial agent of Lyme Disease, is genius that has exploited weak links in our bodies and health care system. Borrelia is obviously causing a slow motion train wreck in thousands of people’s lives yet, it remains elusive. Love it or hate it, […]

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