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646 Center Street

Wolfeboro, NH  03894

Phone:  603-569-5545
















In stock tincture collectionIn stock tincture collection

Dr. Steve Clark ND is a Licensed Naturopath with an office in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire



Hi All. I'm sure you have been getting inundated with action plans from companies regarding COVID-19.

Rest assured, we are following safe practices and reducing exposure and risk as indicated by all appropriate guidelines.

Including frequent disinfecting, hand washing and social distance.


We will stay open in some capacity during this epidemic. This will include phone appointments, medicinary orders and product mailing and MAY include in person appointments. Call ahead to check if we are open, if you plan on coming to the office.

We can process payments on the phone and leave orders outside if appropriate.


Lyme season is already here.

Please save ticks if you are bitten. As of 6/5/20, is still testing ticks.  Read more about tick testing here.

I will continue to administer and maintain Lyme Disease treatments.  Read more about Lyme here.


If you would like to place any medicinary order, please call in or email first. We can make arrangements.


I am also working to maintain a full medicinary stock. Feel free to inquire if you are looking for something specific. Obviously, certain things are in a very high demand and we have to adapt to available resources.




To Help The Body Heal

Tolle Causum

Find and treat the cause...

Not the symptoms