Ultimate Healing Salve

The Ultimate Healing Salve

The perfect first aid salve!!!

The Ultimate Healing Salve is a first aid salve that I personally developed and manufacture to help with common skin problems. I wanted to have one product that is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral, that helps speed the recovery of damaged skin. The salve is organic*, non-toxic and is safe for use on adults, kids and pets. Everyone should have a jar of Ultimate Healing Salve as the first line of defense against common skin problems and recent injuries. It’s indispensable for those with kids because it’s great for those scrapes, bumps, bruises and minor traumas that are a part of everyday life. It smells wonderful, feels good and makes an excellent gift.

It’s the first thing you should reach for!

The ultimate healing salve ingredients:

  • Rose Oto, Organic Bulgarian essential oil. This wonderful smelling anti-inflammatory oil is produced in VERY limited quantities, in only a few places on earth. It gives the salve a unique odor that my patients are taken with. There are 60 roses concentrated in each drop!!!
  • Comfrey: An herb that helps the skin heal more quickly from injury
  • Burdock: An herb that helps skin heal and detoxify
  • Usnea: An herb that kills many infections
  • Calendula: An herb that kills many infections and helps skin heal faster
  • Oregon Grape: An herb that kills many infections
  • Yellow Dock: An herb that helps heal skin faster
  • Mullein: A soothing herb that helps skin heal faster
  • Cedar: An herb that helps kill many infections
  • Vitamin E Oil: To help reduce scarring and helps skin health, it also help preserve the salve
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil: Adds to the pleasant odor of the salve and also kills many infections
  • Organic Olive Oil: The dried herbs above are extracted in organic olive oil for 2 months before production of the salve. The oil makes for an excellent solvent, extracting the curative nutrients out of the herbs, and is also a wonderful base for the salve.
  • Bee’s Wax: Another gift from nature. It smells wonderful and helps thicken the salve to make it melt at body temperature.

*All the ingredients of the salve are Organic, except the bee’s wax. The bee’s wax is raw, unrefined and filtered at the time of making the salve.

The Ultimate Healing Salve is not preserved with any ingredients other then those listed. It has a shelf life of about 5 years or longer if left in the refrigerator. If you choose to leave it at room temperature, then it may last 1 year. I suggest refrigeration.

Directions: apply frequently to infected or damaged skin. Do not apply to deep open wounds. Moderate to severe wounds should be attended to by a doctor.

Here’s one of the many testimonials we’ve received…

“As a mother of four, I love having the Ultimate Healing Salve on hand.  My kids ask for it now when they get a cut or bruise.  Large eggs on their head bruise very little if at all after applying the healing cream. I’ve put it on cuts and scrapes that would ultimately scar and the healing is noticeably faster with no scar.  There have been times when I have neglected to use it and have been sorry later.  Being a nurse I was reluctant to believe that the “Ultimate Healing Salve” would be any better than Neosporin ® or any over the counter remedy.  I was wrong.  I now have my neighbors using the ultimate healing salve for their family’s’ cuts and bruises.  Thank you again for making such a wonderful product.

Lee Brown, R.N.”

Ordering info:

We are accepting phone and fax orders, paid for by credit card.  Please call the office for alternative arrangements.  Our fax line is secure.

Phone: 603-569-5545

Fax: 603-569-0545.  Including mailing address, credit card number, order details, phone number.

Prices as of 1/2015.

These prices are lowered due to improvements in production.  Enjoy the savings.  The cost of the 4 ounce salve dropped by 420!

1/2 oz in a large white lip balm style container: $8

2 oz in a glass jar: $18

4 oz in a blue glass jar: $30


Store the salve in the refrigerator in general.  If it still smells good, it still is good!   Storage at room temp will last about 1 year.  Storage in the refrigerator is much longer than that.