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Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) are licensed primary health care practitioners. Naturopaths are educated in accredited four year postgraduate schools with training that includes and extends beyond the materials taught at conventional medical schools.
Naturopaths work to find the cause of illness using the latest scientific diagnostic techniques and time tested methods. We treat to remove that cause and integrate wellness on mental, physical and emotional levels. NDs help the body heal from within by using natural treatments which remove obstacles to the body’s own cure and then stimulate its healing process.
Naturopaths are the only practitioners with a doctorate degree encompassing natural treatment and alternative medicine. NDs are the integrative medicine experts with advanced understanding of herbal, nutritional and homeopathic treatments.
Each Naturopath is different.  We choose our treatment modalities based on our skill, education, personal preferences and history.



New testing can help find Alzheimer's Disease sooner.  Earlier testing allows for earlier intervention.


Cryex labs is offering a new Alzheimer's testing panel including Tau protein and Amyloid -Beta...Plus much more. 

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More information about Alzheimer's testing.