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Please do not see me as a sole practitioner for your anxiety issues. 
If you are coming to see me for anxiety treatments, I insist you take action prior to seeing me. This includes seeing a therapist. Taking action also includes understanding the information presented below. 

I do not want to be the person managing your anxiety. No one should be managing your anxiety, including you!

You get to take actions to resolve your anxiety. Using the information below is a useful place to start. 



Physical anxiety treatments can be helpful to help resolve anxiety and they may include adrenal and adrenaline metabolism support. 

Anxiety can be aggravated by Histamine and allergies, so these may need to be addressed. 

Lyme and other illness can cause neuro-chemical anxiety reactions.


I believe a proper anxiety treatment is not a physical treatment, but rather a reframing of anxiety. 

In order to do that, it helps to know

1) Emotions are not “preprogrammed” . They are predictions based on on our previous experiences.

Lisa Feldman Barrett. You aren't at the mercy of your emotions


2) We can change the process of anxiety

Jon Wortmann. Discussing Managing Stress Response


Suggestions from this video: 

Breaking the short loop and stop living out of reaction.


1) measure your stress and anxiety on a regular basis so you can recognize it.


2) Be mindful first! Use your thoughts. Think and put yourself in a place that you can think. Don't think BEFORE anxiety that kind of preplanning can cause anxiety. Think DURING. Take a breath. Use your brain. “The Secret Sauce in stress reduction is using your frontal lobe.”...Jon Wortman.


3)Have a rhythm to your life. Including:

  • Breaks every 45-90 minutes. Experience non stress events.

  • Sit and eat meal at a table. Feet on the ground. Satisfying basic needs to feel safe. 

  • Take a walk! 


4) Have values that are so clear that in the middle of a crisis that if your intentional focus


5) Always take retreats.



I would like to add. It is easier to control people when they are anxious. Anxious masses are easier to manipulate. It behooves the news media, sales people and the government to distribute anxiety. Keeping people anxious sells products and makes you vote for people that tell you they are the solution to your fears. Please unplug from those sources. Do not take on anxiety someone is giving you.


Anxiety is a prediction based on the past. 

My suggestion is do find a new pattern and create a new reality that doesn't contain anxiety as a motivation.