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I would like highlight a few pieces of information about COVID-19  that could be helpful



  1. There are no studies about neutraceutical treatments and herbs specifically on COVID-19. This is mainly due to the resources our community has available to do that level of bio-hazard testing. Therefore the information I am using is based on research and history of antivirals and immune modulators.

  2. The main reason COVID-19 can be fatal is due to an “over-reaction” of the immune response causing a cytokine storm. This is more likely in people with pre-existing lung conditions, immune suppressed individuals and certain types of high blood pressure. A cytokine storm is a result of your immune system fighting infections and then over-reacting and continuing on when it should have slowed down. (too much acceleration, no brakes).  

    We can support T regulatory cells by having optimum gut health, a moderated adrenal and stress response and with treatments that can support the T regulatory cells.  There is a theory that elderberry may increase the risk of a cytokine storm.                     This seems unlikely, however I am not suggesting  using immune stimulants if you are sick with COVID.  This is an interesting article about what a cytokine storm is, and if elderberry can induce them.  We do know elderberry is antiviral, so perhaps it's a mixed bag.   

  3. The goal of treating COVID-19 is to use antiviral treatments before and during the infection AND treatments that help support the part of the immune system that turns down the immune system during the immune reactions (specifically T regulatory cells)

  4. We strongly encourage you to follow the guidelines put forth by the CDC, board of health, etc including hand washing, social distancing, proper precautions...
  5. I believe that antiviral treatments and immune modulators are the proper treatment to treat COVID including antiviral herbs and nutraceuticals.  Of course these statements aren't evaluated by the FDA, but we can make some logical conclusions. 
  6. I think some treatments being touted are not appropriate and proper.  



By clicking this link, you will find an audio file from Dr Zwickey, an infectious disease specialist working in the naturopathic community. The audio file contains helpful information to understand COVID treatments better.


You can also go to the Natural Medicine Journal website to hear the same podcast and read other information there.



The American Association of naturopathic Physicians is also keeping and up to date resource page for COVID-19 information.   


I will try to keep in stock a “COVID-19” tincture. Due to the availability of resources, this tincture will change slightly as my medicinary stock changes. You can use the tincture before you are sick as a preventative and then while you are sick as an antiviral and immune modulator.


If you would like to order the tincture or any medicinary items, please call in or email first. We can make arrangements.


I'd like to share this article and illustration of the pathogenesis of COVID.  I think it's beautifully done and informative.  The credit goes to a Reddit poster with the name HotDamnGeoff.  Sorry I couldn't be more specific.  

Covid PathophysiologyCovid Pathophysiology

You can click on this or the picture to download a copy.