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I want to point out that Sar-Cov 2 can have chronic consequences. Due to this, I think it's critical that people try to prevent the spread of Covid, and also get the vaccine to reduce the possible damage that it can cause. 


I'd like to make mention that a large percentage of people that get the Sars-Cov 2 Infections (Covid) are experiencing a chronic symptom complex that is being called “Long Haulers”

This symptom complex includes POTS, memory loss, fatigue, brain fog and exercise intolerance. Long Haulers disorder is currently under study. 

POTS, an acronym for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, is a blood circulation disorder that includes dizziness when changing position and fast heart rate. 
There are POTS specialists in MD-land (allopathic medicine) but the treatment is limited.


Currently, I feel that the proper focus of research on Long Haulers should include 

Adrenal dysfunction

Sympathetic overload

Chronic inflammation

Endothelial dysfunction (including nitric oxide signaling and where applicable tight junction integrity and leaky gut)

Glucose management

Mineral metabolism, esp in endothelial cells.


I am treating patients with Long Haulers syndrome. It's slow going and frustrating.


As a Naturopath, my goal is to always consider the individual and try to help that person heal

For Long Haulers I'm considering the individual

And also considering

Stimulating adrenal treatment. 

Methylation of catecholamines and metabolism of brain chemistry

Immune modulation

Endothelial cell support. 



I am suggesting some treatments here though Wellevate.  Find the Long Haulers Protocol after you make an account


I would like to share this article as well, to point out that this information is being studied.


I have been treating chronic lyme for many years. Chronic lyme disease is a mix of infections, systemic disorders and political fighting. I'm full of remorse that we have yet another infection that is causing chronic symptoms and the whole situation is fraught with political fighting mixed with health and scientific misunderstanding.