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Misfits market

Fruits and Veggies: organic


Hi. I'd like to share a new service I'm enjoying. 

I joined misfits market. This is an organic produce distributer. They buy and sell “misfit” produce. You can select items they put in your delivery and they add even more to that. The options for selection are what is available that week. 

For my family and I, it's like a scavenger hunt. We get to figure out what's in the box and then find new ways to cook and eat them. Since I fancy myself a chef, I enjoy the thrill of making an eating new foods. In New Hampshire, it's difficult to get a large variety of organic produce in the winter. This service is keeping me in the stores less and also giving me more organic options. 

I'm sharing this link for a few reason.

1) I get a referral bonus! Yippie.

2) I love getting a variety of veggies and it's something that I'd like to share

3) I like this improves the availability of organic fruits and veggie

4) I'm trying to do some good. Granted, there is a check in the minus column that the things are being shipped. They try to use green packaging and I respect that, but there is shipping and fuel involved. On the bright side, they are buying lots from growers when their products aren't “perfect” for the super market. They are helping to save growers and buy “unwanted” products.

A 3 pound beet? Check

Small Delicata squash? Check.

Way too much cilantro? No problem. 

Romanesco broccoli? Check. Look it up, it's beautiful.


IT's become a game with my family to see what's in the box. They even got me once! Turns out it was a watermelon radish. I didn't figure it out until I tasted it.


My bearded dragon is quite pleased as well. He likes the greens. 


The things are misfits. Sometimes normal, always fresh. Funny slogan. 


Since I'm getting so much, I had to expand my repertoire. 

In the past 2 weeks I've made

Fermented beets with orange and ginger.

Roasted root veggies which then became roasted root veggies soup base that I am not using to make curries. 

Guacamole. Oh, so much guac. Yum!

Baked caramelized napa cabbage with pumpkin and sesame seeds in a Teriyaki sauce. 


This service is for the people out there that need a lot of veggies and enjoy cooking them. 

Wanna give me some free veggies? Use my referral link.