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Who is Dr. Steve Clark, N.D.


Dr. Steve Clark, N.D. is a clinically trained naturopathic doctor and graduate of the accredited institution, The National College of Naturopathic Medicine, now called the National University of Natural Medicine.  Steve obtained his naturopathic doctorate diploma and successfully completed the obligations for licensure, in New Hampshire, in 2001.  After his academic endeavors at NCNM, Steve continued his education in immunology and cellular biochemistry in a post-graduate study at Harvard Extension School.  He received his undergraduate degree, a bachelor of science, at the University of New Hampshirein 1993.  His focus at UNH was in animal and human medicine.


At the beginning of his college years, and continuing thereafter at Harvard University’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Steve studied and researched various human systems but focused in immunology, biochemistry and medical treatments.  At this time, he concentrated the studies specifically on antibody formation,  cellular signaling, graft rejection and surgical procedures.  At UNH, he studied a blood brain barrier cell culture.  Part of his responsibilities at Brigham and Women's included helping run a cell culture laboratory.  During this time in Steve's education, he was able to gain extensive knowledge in chemical compounding.


Even since a young age, Steve aspired to help people help themselves and wanted to express that aid by being a doctor.  Helping people help themselves, a fundamental truth to Steve, wasn't well received in the medical community and had difficulty getting accepted into programs.  One day, while serendipitously researching herbs online, Steve discovered a weblink for naturopathic medicine; the primary health care of teaching people to heal themselves. Shortly thereafter, Steve found all his dreams answered in the title “ND” and never looked back.


Steve uses his talent and passion to custom formulate diets, teas, tinctures, salves and creams subjective to the patient. This is were his scientific skills, to analyze each individual situation and diagnose and implement a treatment most efficiently, shines and is a keystone to his practice. Steve uses his analytical aptitude and mixes his arts, his knowledge base, and his passion for culinary arts. Studying culinary arts, herbs, spices and teas has been a priority for Steve throughout his life.


Steve’s forté in his practice of naturopathic medicine is being a diagnostician for discovering the underlying root issue to what is causing the health concerns.  This belief is how healing can be implemented and not just do symptom management.  Steve's practice has a strong emphasis in immunology, including but no limited to: Lyme Disease, infections, colds, flu, supportive cancer care, EBV, autoimmune disease and psychoneuroimmunology.  Steve also believes the gut is the “Mother of the Body,” and executes treatments with that in mind.  Therefore, he's also very capable to help with issues like: diarrhea, dysbiosis, constipation, gas, bloating, SIBO, food reactions, reflux, candida, and gut infections.  Steve also does several types of manipulative therapy including force and non-force work and soft tissue treatments such as visceral and mycofascial treatments.


Steve realizes health is a balance between the body, mind, emotional and spiritual entities. Steve uses an eclectic mix of modalities for his patients.  This can help remove obstacles to cure on all these levels. Leading to support each person restoring their own health and balance.  Thusly, and ultimately, helping people help themselves.