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In stock tincture collectionIn stock tincture collection

Insurance companies may have specific policies or riders that cover naturopathic services. It is the patient’s responsibility to ascertain this. Health Insurance Claim Forms are available at request. Please request a service summary with CPT codes directly from Dr. Clark during your appointment. This will allow you to get reimbursed directly. However it does not guarantee reimbursement. The office of Steve Clark, N.D. will not bill insurance directly. We don’t have the staffing and do not charge enough to accommodate insurance billing. Therefore there can be a waiting period to get theses forms. If information beyond a coded bill is requested,
we will charge our regular doctor billing rate to process those requests.

New testing can help find Alzheimer's Disease sooner.  Earlier testing allows for earlier intervention.


Cryex labs is offering a new Alzheimer's testing panel including Tau protein and Amyloid -Beta...Plus much more. 

Click here to read more about the Cyrex testing panel. 



More information about Alzheimer's testing.