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In stock tincture collectionIn stock tincture collection

Dr Steve Clark offers a variety of services and treatment modalities including

Internal medicine

  • Diagnostic work
  • Herbal options
  • Neutraceuticals
    •    Professional grade supplements
  • Prescriptive rights (limited)



Physical medicine: 

  • manipulative therapy
  • muscle and soft tissue work
  • Visceral treatments
  • Myofascial treatments


A Fully Stocked Medicinary


Phlebotomy (blood draw) services

Laboratory assessment options


  • Igenex
  • MDL


  • Nordx
  • Genova
  • Boston Heart

Multiple GI testing options

  • Aerodiagnostics
  • GI-MAP with Diagnostic solutions lab
  • Doctor's data

Food allergy and Food reaction testing

  • Alcat
  • Dunwoody
  • Vibrant America

More lab options available

Garden time at the office.Garden time at the office.